Interview With Sculptor Faith Bebbington


You’ll find art by Faith Bebbington displayed across England — at Wembley Stadium (Wembley Lions), Veolia HQ (Tiger), Liverpool (Elephant) and Ellesmere Port (Horse Power) to name a few. She’s also displayed pop-up public work in Liverpool (Super Rat and The Runner), exhibits internationally and runs workshops. Gurby Griffiths catches up with the talented sculptor at her studio in Liverpool to find out more about her work.

What kind of work is the mainstay of what you do?

I used to work with fibreglass resin. I was first taught it at school and made a canoe out of it. I devised my own technique of sculpting using fibreglass but after I got cancer in 2014 I’ve been trying to get away from it. I’m trying to use more recycled materials because it’s really important to be conscious of the environment.

Which recycling products do you like working with?

I’m experimenting with…

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