Memory of a Football Match

As Liverpool get ready for their biggest match in recent memory, I remember that night in Istanbul a long time ago, I think it was 2009, but that’s not important. I remember it like it was yesterday, though I don’t remember much about yesterday so that’s not much to go on. I don’t  remember who Liverpool were playing and again that’s not important. I remember I was in my flat in Barrow in Furness watching the match with my mum who was visiting at the time. I used to watch a lot more football back then and my mum used to get caught up in the excitement of a good game no and again, though mostly if it involved Glasgow Celtic FC. I remember it was 3-0 to the other team at half-time. I remember desperately trying to convince my mum and myself, if I’m honest, that it was worth watching the second half, that “If Liverpool can just get a goal back it could all start to get exciting.” Well we know how it went, someone scored and then someone else scored and it was all very exciting and then the comeback was complete as someone else scored the equalizer. My mum was breathless with the excitement of it all. I remember saying that “I really wasn’t expecting that, you know!” We both cheered and jumped up as the goals went in. We bit our nails as extra-time played through and were on the edge of our seats as the penalties were taken. Again I don’t remember who took the decisive penalty. Was there a goalie with wobbly legs, or was that the other one from years ago? We know the result, of course we do. Liverpool won the Champions League or the European Cup or, whatever it’s called. We celebrated, my mum and me, with a glass (or three) of wine and laughed and cheered and jumped up as the goals went in and that is what I remember most.

Whatever happens tonight, and I hope Liverpool win 5-4 in a thriller of a match, the details don’t matter, the statistics don’t matter, who scored and when doesn’t matter, where you watch the match doesn’t matter. It’s who you watch it with, your friends and family, that really matter.

Good luck Liverpool enjoy the match everyone and come home safely, and may Celtic catch you up next time 😉  



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